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Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Amazon PPC, Bing and even second tier search engines all have their own set of rules. These rules are written inside the algorithms. DoNOTStop has decades of experience, our professional ppc specialists have become masters at giving the spiders what they want and they will reward you with lower cost per click and higher rankings.

           PPC certifications on THE FOLLOW PLATFORMS

PPC Certification is no easy task. To attain agency status on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon isn't about setting an ad account up and posting a few ads. With quality, conversions as part of the approval process along with minimum ad spends as much as 100k a month on client accounts.

Doing something for the mere joy of it—for one's self or others—is quite possibly one of the best returns on an investment of time that a person can receive.

Objective CTA


Our first step before setting up your ppc marking campaign is setting a clear objective and crafting your call to action.

Search analysis


Understanding the search landscape is crucial in finding your buyers. More importantly where your competition is spending their ppc dollars.

Keyword report


Unlike other ppc marketing agencies we don't throw hundreds of keywords up an cross our fingers. We start directly with handful of keywords that convert.



Running your ppc ads is not where we stop. With split testing, goal tracking, pixels and funnel hacking a positive ROI is a guarantee in DoNOTStop's expert ppc hands.

PPC Specialists

With our proprietary ppc tools, our ppc marketing specialists and decades of experience in and out of all ppc marketing platforms from top tier search engines to social platforms we have the bots and automation to help grow your business.  

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          Do NOT Stop Case Study

There is no doubt that I feel like my business has the best website in its industry. Do NOT Stop’s service standards are excellent; I can always rely on very quick response times but mainly I am MAKING SALES!

Where do you fit into the picture?

Existing company?

Maximize your Marketing Budget and see Incremental Growth.

Inject a surge of QUALITY buyers into your company and let our team help you get to your business to the next level.

new business?

Build your Foundation and come out the gates strong

From the right logo, to the most effective ad copy, and an effective BDC our team is vested in you. From the start we want to make sure your foundation is laid for prolonged success. Your future is as important as ours!

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